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About Us

INFOWIDE offers a comprehensive set of services and solutions to provide higher quality resources on web-based customer service and sales operations in more easy and advance way.

Our services :
  • Live operator answering service.
  • Message delivery answering service.
  • Web-based answering service.
  • Enable our clients to meet their sales objectives by offering them quality services.
  • Enable our customer to save their time for sourcing by offering them the Top 5 Best Service Companies in the town.

What we offer :  
  • We offer our clients with courteous, professional, knowledgeable agents for telephone or messaging answering service.
  • Well-trained agents to fulfill on client requests by provides their product or services information.
  • Providing advice, information and assistance to callers.
  • Attempting to resolve all enquires on first contact with the caller.
  • Making sure that all the calls are answered promptly.
  • Dealing with a customers queries, requests, orders or complaints.
  • Following up customers by calling them back.
  • Research required information for callers using available resources.
  • Having a professional and courteous manner at all times.
  • Identifying and escalating priority issues or customer complaints.
  • Sending emails to clients answering their enquiries.
  • Taking ownership on all calls and enquiries answered.
  • Response to customer call within 1 day working day no matter from web, call, or messaging.
  • Sourcing supplier or services will be the top 5 best companies in the town.
  • Easy and simple way to get the most best outsourcing
  • Locate and search resources that you are looking with just log a call with us.
How we evaluate to be our Top 5 Best Service Companies :
  • Quality check appliance on every call
  • Leverage Customer / Caller Profile
  • Interaction history is Automatically Recorded and available for reference.
  • Customers Satisfaction
  • Performance evaluation in monthly basis.
  • Pointer accumulate system
  • Pointer not achieve expectation will not qualify as our client/business partner
  • Customers feedback